The “Wolf of Wall Street” first thought bitcoin would disappear – now he forecasts a rate of $ 100,000

Jordan Belfort was the model for the hit-and-run investor of the 90s, the archetype on which “The Wolf of Wall Street” is based.

The former Wall Street trader always believed that the US regulator would kill bitcoin.

Now he predicts that bitcoin will go to 100,000 dollars (converted 84,700 euros).

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Jordan Belfort, the ex-Wall Street merchant who modeled for the blockbuster starring “The Wolf of Wall Street,” once thought bitcoin would disappear from the financial lexicon. Germany crypto price prognose is positive.

However, in a recent interview with Fortune magazine, Belfort says he expects bitcoin to increase in value by 80 percent from its current level to $ 100,000. The price of bitcoin was about $ 53,000 on Thursday.

According to Belfort, the limited amount of bitcoins in circulation – the total is capped at 21 million units – has a big advantage over regular shares, which can fluctuate in value as a company spends more of them. “People are spoiled by bitcoin. It has a fixed and finite supply. You can spend an infinite amount on shares. ”

“Now more Bitcoin users than ever”

Belfort admitted to being skeptical about bitcoin and confessed to being wrong. “When bitcoin rose to $ 19,000 in 2017, I was a guest on a TV show and told my audience that bitcoin was going to crash. I was right then, but I also predicted that bitcoin would disappear completely from the scene. It was difficult to sell and easy to buy, the ingredients you can manipulate with. ”

The former trader was convinced that cryptocurrencies would eventually be broken down. But now that cryptocurrencies are more and more commonplace, he believes the room for maneuver of crypto investments is greater.

“There are now many more Bitcoin users than ever,” said Belfort, adding that new investors will ensure that the price continues to rise.

Belfort published his memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2017 after spending 22 months in jail for defrauding and stock exchange fraud. Price prediction of cryptocurrency Portugal is popular.

His greed as a stockbroker at brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont in the 1980s and 1990s eventually led him to pay back more than $ 110 million ($ 93 million) to his clients on legal grounds, according to CNBC.